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are looking forward to picking up the ball where we left off. madam secretary, the next order of business. >> item 8, bswsca update. >> thank you, that was quite entertaining. and will it may have been difficult for your staff to participate. but in the future if that's a public hearing or wosh -- workshop, i would appreciate that there is time on the agenda so the others could be heard. i would like to announce that the board approved in the meeting the issuance of bonds. your staff has it on agenda to get your improvement with bawsca to work it out. and appreciate all the work of the attorneys and outside attorne attorneys. and we worked well together, this matched what our board approved. no need to go back for other approvals. i hope we can go forward today and issue bonds in mid-january, thank you. >> any public comment on this item? hearing none, public comment is closed. madam secretary, read the next order of business. >> item 9 is consent calendar, items are to be considered to be retained by the san francisco public utilities commission, and will be acted upon by a single vote o
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. >> we can hear from the permit-holder now. >> good evening madame chair lady and good evening members of the board. my name is gus and even as you look at, this we have a lot of contradictions that are occur. now we only came across these citations this evening, at least i did and we had basically no time to respond to them. to make matters worse, you have a citation dated on the 3rd of december. you have another here dated the 4th of december. they are diametrically different. this one is talking about the violation. and this one is talking about a correction notice. and there is much difference between them. and the violation or the citation that mr. duffy is aware of is the one that is asking for correction. this is the one that we got from here. we just got this a few minutes ago. while mr. boskvich was talking. the issue is whether or not an installation or addition of a hood requires this notification. yes, the zoning administrator and mind you the zoning administrator has authority to make interpretations on the zoning code, as far back as 1996 has interpreted level 3 notific
is president's announcements. >> thank you, madam secretary. obviously welcome everyone here today, the last meeting before the end of the year. we will wish everybody happy holidays. so what we have is acting director tom huey participated in a media briefing at the site of the hacker pool house with the director of recreation and parks, phil ginsburg. dbi acting director huey signed an emergency order early letter this month when a fire caused sufficient structural damage to make the building an imminent public safety hazard. demolition is currently underway. bill pointed out to me a very interesting article in the front of the san francisco chronicle today is good to give you history on that. the fire department and one of the equipment manufacturers have donated new carbon monoxide detections and smoke detectors which dbi will give away to the public during our outreach event. we are delighted to give away these devices and assurance compliance with state law requiring their installation both in single family homes, and that's effective january 1, 2013, and multi family homes also. a
-3 months. >> madame director, when would you like to move it to? >> march 6th would be 3 months and march 20th is another option. >> okay. march 6th,perhaps. >> march 6th. >> the date works. we object just for the record that this board is going to act for the fire department. i think what you are doing is inappropriate and we object to it. >> rc
carries. madam secretary, the next order of business. >> item 11, authorize the issuance of task orders above the initial $100,000 allowness approved at the october 9 commission. >> julia ellis, with this item we are asking the commission to authorize staff to move forward with task orders with davis & associates communications are for marketing services for the cleanpowersf program. at your previous meeting you asked for less than 100,000. and asked how the uses would be utilized. based on that draeirection, we worked on this plan to ensure that san francisco residents are fully informed by the cleanpower program. and we worked with staff and mayor's office and board of supervisors and community members. and on friday, november 30, we presented the plan at the joint lapsco meeting. and during the meeting, commissioners torres and moran and vietor passed the plan. and supervisors provided constructive feedback on the communication plan and urged us to move forward quickly. and we are seeking to authorize the additional task orders that would not exceed the $1.4 million. and this would a
is a foot or two it's really small. >>> okay thank you. >> mr. stuart? >>> madame chairman, members of the board before i begin my remarks about the project under discussion i want to formally object to commissioner honda participating in the deliberation and voting on the project since his a part of the injury team he has a fiduciary interest in the case and with the plan to demolish the building and convert it into luxury condominium which presumably zephyr will sell and this will be a substantial sales commission and this imposes a conflict of interest for commissioner honda and i would like to know the matter that i have to appeal the decision and thank you again first responder the at some point to share with you my continued concerns with regard to the structure sponsor to erect at 530 central and i want to allow during the board's previous report of this issue to reconcile the difference so as to develop a solution and -- available that does not over throw the decisions in the agencies and the courts and with to engage the project sponsors and the last appearance and before t
. >> present. >> vice-chair ortiz? >> present. >> and chair kim? >> present. >> madame chair you have a quorum. >> thank you. do you have any communications this morning? >> none that i'm aware of. >> is there any new or old business from the board of directors? seeing none let's move on to the executive director's report. >> good morning everyone. i would like to begin my report this morning on this last board meeting of the year by dedicating our board meeting in the memory of mike nevin, who recently left us. mike was one of our founding board members way back when we created the transbay joint powers authority and was very supportive over the years. he served as our first chairperson and was there with us in the initial years of moving the project forward. mike was a member of the caltrain board of directors and also a former san mateo county supervisor, mayor of daly city and san francisco police inspector and not only served on our board, but numerous other regional transportation boards and we'll always be appreciative to mike for all of his work in the area of transportati
and the soviet unions with the other. weate in silence. the madam took hot long showers because i heard water rushing in the pipes and whether i turned mine on found it cold. a yellow square in the courtiard into the night. i watched for a shadow or shape. rigging a motorcycle mirror on a string and dangled it on a fishing lure and failed. i skulted in the hall way in the gallery and street hoping to catch her there. it only upset my father. we spoke german to each other as a nervous joke. i tinkered with the motorcycle mirror a started lifting bar bells. for a month mother talked of the germany refugee question and asked if it was better for jews to go to the philippines or the dominican republic. pius 11th was buried. the discover of king tut's tomb also died. the italians called a call to arms to war babies the first time around. when i visited the draft board i noticed my card was filed with a crease at it's corner. farther's laughter was louder than ever. clients who decided to buy had their paintings shipped to houses in the country. i noticed lucie hiding bags of sugar in the closet wh
. i think we have public comment first, though. madam secretary there. >> is there any public comment on item no. 5? >> good morning, commissioners, my name is josh vining, i'm an organizor with the mission street collaborative. i wanted to say thanks for taking the time to talk about these issues. they sound like very commonsense issues but once we get into the issues it becomes more complicated. i wanted to step back and talk about the survey we conducted in 2011 and some of the responses we got from that. we surveyed 151 seniors or people with disabilities who lived in sro's city-wide and 68 percent of them were tenants who lived in nonprofit sro's, which are more likely to have these grab bars already installed than their private counterparts but even with that, we found less than 40 percent of tenants indicated they currently have grab bars, which is not nearly enough considering that many of the private buildings we had issues with barriers and even getting in. we expect that number city-wide to be a lot higher. i also just wanted to say about tenants. i did outreach on a w
you for your presentation here today. >> i'll leave these up here. >> i've got one copy. madam secretary. >> is there any public comment on item 4? seeing none, item no. 5, discussion and possible action regarding a proposed revised ordinance, file no. 121018, amending the san francisco housing code by amending section 206 to add section 1002 to the list of retroactive provisions; no. 2, amending section 505 to require grab bars in total common use water closets and bathing facilities; 3, amending section 1002 to include as a substandard housing condition the failure to provide a usable telephone jack and telephone wiring as required by the california civil code and, 4, making environmental findings, legislative findings and findings pursuant to california health and safety code section 17958.5. >> good morning, commissioners, good to see you all, nick pagalato on behalf of commissioner mar. >> in 2001 commissioner mar called for a hearing on issues affecting our most vulnerable residents. because this sector of our community is growing not just city-wide but specifically in r
, anticipated litigation as plaintiff. and item 18, anticipation of litigation as plaintiff. >> thank you, madam secretary.
, thank you. >> good morning. madame chairman, board, maria, i am here to talk about the carpenters agreement with john o'connell. we recently signed an mou stating that the carpenter's union will hire students graduating from the john o'connell program. i am also a graduate of john o'connell and it's been a great career for me. i think it's a great thing for the relationship we have formed with the school district. we met with october and signed the agreement in which five graduating students from john o'connell will come into direct entry into the carpenter's program and two of them will be females, which is great. and we're very excited about going forward with this. paula will be getting together with the john o'connell school and providing the curriculum in which the students graduating have direct entry into the carpenter's join. i also want to say that we'll be having a college and career awareness day next thursday, december 19th. so that is the late update with the carpenters thank you. >> where will that take place? >> ida b. wells high school next thursday. >> thank
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)

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